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North Theater - Eszaki Szinhaz Theater in Satu Mare / Romania
(Strada Horea)

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North Theater - Eszaki Szinhaz Theater Satu Mare / Romania
Picture by Jan Boeykens (@Quernus)

North Theater - Eszaki Szinhaz Theater Satu Mare / Romania description:

The first theater performances known in Satu mare date from 1790. Since 1847, there is a permanent theatre in Satu Mare, in a stone theatre building. This was one of the first stone theatre buildings in Hungaria.

On Mai 18th, 1889, the first stone was laid for a new and top modern theatre building, with a professional theatre company inside it. The new theatre was officially opened on January 14th, 1892, with a huge ceremony. The architect was Adolf Voyta, building works were led by Szikszay Louis. Interior was the art of Spanraft and Hirsch.

This building was in use till it was bombed during the Second World War. D

After the War, it took till 1957 (mainly due to internal quarrels) until a new professional theatre company came to Satu Mare.

The North Theatre company comes forth from a Hungarian theatre, under directorship of Rage George. Originally, they had settled in Baia Mare. But there were insufficient financial and logistic possibilities to let florish the company professionally. This is why on September 15th, 1956, the Parties Provicial Executive Committee decided to relocate the theatre company to the old building in Satu Mare.