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Historvista's mission

Why do 2 man make a website with more than tenthousand pictures about thousands of places ?

First, we want to be a pedagogic and clear source of information about our patrimony. With this, we also try to explain the definitions of words as clearly as possible. And how to do this better than by showing pictures? The result is there: most of the reactions we get (most very positive) come from teachers and students.

Historvista also wants to measure what the people find beautiful, and what they don't like. We measure this in a scientifically acceptable way. You can help us, by voting via random or as member. In that way, we show you our country, and in the meantime you give us information about its beauty.

We receive more reactions than expected about our patrimony. This enables us to make Historvista and overwhelming interactive source of information. By sharing your knowledge with us, the information on Historvista becomes very rich, thanks to and for you!

Since we started to make Belgiumview and Historvista, we opened our eyes and notice details that in the past, we passed by in a hurry...

And all of this... for free!

You can help us!!

Send us what you know.

Give us your good pictures, to put them on Historvista. But be careful: only send pictures of which you actually own the copyrights. Don't send us pictures from books or other websites please...

You can also sponsor Historvista. For a small price.... you can hire a banner!

Johan and Jan
Historvista is owned by Atypus bvba (Johan's company) and Quernus bvba (Jan's company)