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1Conciergerie du parc de l'Harmonie
Keywords:Villa, timber framing, mono-pitched roof, oriel, projecting window, wolfed roof, tower, slate, slatestone, roof passing the wall
2Ortmans-Hauzeur FountainOrtmans-Hauzeur Fountain
Picture by Johan Mares (@Belgiumview)

Keywords:Statue, Gentleman's house, Neo-classicism, fountain, bust, C. Vivroux
5.7 / 16771893
3Justice PalaceJustice Palace
Picture by Johan Mares (@Belgiumview)

Keywords:Court of justice, Courthouse, justice of the peace court, cross-bar frame, brick, semi-circular (round) arch, stone, mouldings, tympanum, Jozef Jonas Dumont, Remouchamps.
5.6 / 19711830
4Hôtel de VilleHôtel de Ville
Picture by Johan Mares (@Belgiumview)

Keywords:Town hall, city hall, Louis XVI, lantern roof, lantern tower, fronton, bay, span, carillon, J.-B. Renoz
5.5 / 19361775
Picture by Johan Mares (@Belgiumview)

Keywords:Church, Neo-Romanesque, staircase turret, staircase tower, choir, chancel, apse, apsis, P.A. Castermans
5.5 / 18671882
6Large Theatre La BonbonnièreLarge Theatre La Bonbonnière
Arch. Ch. Thirion.
Picture by Johan Mares (@Belgiumview)

Keywords:Theatre, Louis XIV, Charles Thirion
5.4 / 21141892
7Saint-Remacle's churchSaint-Remacle's church
Picture by Johan Mares (@Belgiumview)

Keywords:Church, Neo-classicism, basilica, pulpit, three-aisled, oak wood, side chapel, C. Vivroux
5.3 / 15211838
8Former PostFormer Post
Picture by Johan Mares (@Belgiumview)

Keywords:Post office, Eclectism, New Renaissance, Neo-gothic, staircase turret, staircase tower, turret, round gallery, cross-bar frame, corbeling out, belvédère, cresting, fret, finial, pillar, pier, semi-circular (round) arch, open work, breastwork, parapet, Alfons Van Houcke
5.3 / 1714~ 1900
9The Small TowerThe Small Tower
Picture by Johan Mares (@Belgiumview)

Keywords:Neo-gothic, crenel (merlon), crenelation, battlement, belvédère, staircase turret, staircase tower, Charles Thirion
5.2 / 2470
Picture by Louis-Bernard Koch
5.2 / 1752
11Former Girls SchoolFormer Girls School
Picture by Johan Mares (@Belgiumview)

Keywords:School, university, fronton, pilaster, frieze, tooth course, dentils, cornice (corona), scutcheon, armorial bearings, coat of arms, J. Benoit, J. Vanderstraeten
5.2 / 1930
12Sainte Julienne churchSainte Julienne church
Arch. Ch. Thirion.
Picture by Johan Mares (@Belgiumview)

Keywords:Church, Neo-gothic, transept, bay, span, nave, tower, verticalising effect, Charles Thirion
5 / 2266