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We are still busy with the translation (which is a huge job). We excuse ourselves for errors and for the fact that many texts are in Dutch only.

Historvista : Belgiumview's brother

A lot of Belgian visitors will recognize the hand of the 'famous' Belgiumview in Historvista. And they are right: Historvista is a new product by the same people who made Belgiumview.

How to navigate on our website?

  • If you want to see anything (random), click 'Random'. In this way, you also help making our hitparade
  • 'Hitparade' gives you the most beautiful places, sorted by your votes
  • You can also see all places in a certain town (or on maps). To do that, click 'By Place'.
  • If you specifically want to see churches, industrial buildings, landscapes... , click on 'By Type
    or Function
  • A specific building can easily be found by 'By Name'. This is another way to see all views.
  • If you are looking f.e. for places where an organ can be found, or if you want to know what an 'oculus' is, then click 'By Element'.
  • Places with a certain style (f.e. Romanesque), you find via 'By Style'.
  • Date about certain architects and other persons, you find via 'By Person'.
  • Last but not least we have a series of old pictures, which we match to a picture of the current or more recent situation. Click on 'Past and Present'.
For a list of all pages (be careful, slow page!!) click here. For a list with all towns, click here.