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City Hall in Satu Mare / Romania

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City Hall Satu Mare / Romania
Arch. Nicolae Porumbescu
Picture by Jan Boeykens (@Quernus)


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City Hall Satu Mare / Romania: City Hall Satu Mare / Romania:

City Hall Satu Mare / Romania description:

This city hall often is put on lists of the most ugly buildings in the world. Apetty of the concrete used and the 1000 workers who made it?

It is a modern building from the last years of the communist period. It was part of the 'New City Center project'. The tower of the city hall is 97 metres high, which makes this the highest building in Transylvania and the 3rd in Romania. The building was built according to architect Nicolae Porumbescu's plans. The surface of the building is 12.000 M2, and at the top there is an amphitheatre.

Heating this large building seems quite a problem: during winter it's costing till 45.000 Lei, a large 10.000 € per month). And then, the top floors are not heated. And more, about 40 % of the surface is useless large spaces.

As Historvista, we are curious to see where this building end-up in our Hitparades, and which remarks we get about is being beautiful/or not....

Based on romania/2014/10/03/destination-romania-administrative-palace-of-satu-mare-highest- building-of-transylvania-11-36-21Agerpres