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middle ressault(000030)

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1middle ressault from Town HallTown Hall
Arch. Cornelis Floris de Vriendt
Picture by Johan Mares (@Belgiumview)

Keywords:Town hall, city hall, Renaissance, middle ressault, Corinthian column, composite order, Ionic colons, bosse, Dorian colons, Cornelis Floris de Vriendt (Floris)
BELGIUMANTWERP5.8 / 23411561
2middle ressault from City hallCity hall
Picture by Johan Mares (@Belgiumview)

Keywords:Town hall, city hall, Rococo, Neo-classicism, middle ressault, rocaille, fanlight, light over door, wrought iron, cantpost, window
BELGIUMAALST5 / 1605~ 1756
3middle ressault from Château de Franc-WaretChâteau de Franc-Waret
Picture by Johan Mares (@Belgiumview)

Keywords:Castle, middle ressault
4middle ressault from Fallagan gentleman's houseFallagan gentleman's house
Picture by Johan Mares (@Belgiumview)

Keywords:Gentleman's house, Rococo, middle ressault, fronton, bay, span, bullion (oculus), balcony, facade, Corinthian column, Catherine wheel, wheelwindow, Bernard De Wilde
BELGIUMGHENT5.8 / 22361755
5middle ressault from Science institute  (university)Science institute (university)
Picture by Jan Boeykens (@Quernus)

Keywords:School, university, New Baroque, Empire, middle ressault, dome-shaped roof, statue (as an ornament), inner court, zinc, Dominique Van den Bossche
BELGIUMGHENT5.5 / 17531882
6middle ressault from Old Continental HotelOld Continental Hotel
Picture by Jan Boeykens (@Quernus)

Keywords:Sad, middle ressault, fronton, pillar, caryatid, moulding, breastwork, parapet, open work, facade, cornice (corona)
7middle ressault from Town HouseTown House
Picture by Jan Boeykens (@Quernus)

Keywords:Town hall, city hall, middle ressault, balcony, pillar, Ionic capital
8middle ressault from The Resource and the Advice Cave (Die Ressource und der Ratskeller)The Resource and the Advice Cave (Die Ressource und der Ratskeller)
Picture by Jan Boeykens (@Quernus)

Keywords:Horeca, middle ressault, landing, bay, span, symmetry, symmetric, symmetrical, fronton, bullion (oculus), landing stairs
GermanySoest5.4 / 123
9middle ressault from Hovorst castle (in Vierseldijk)Hovorst castle (in Vierseldijk)
Picture by Jan Boeykens (@Quernus)

Keywords:Castle, New Renaissance, Neo-gothic, Empire, middle ressault, stepped gable, bay, span, brick, sandstone, anchor, saddleback roof, dormer, wrought iron, P. Langerock
10middle ressault from Oombergen HotelOombergen Hotel
Picture by Jan Boeykens (@Quernus)

Keywords:Rococo, Louis XV, ledestone, balegemstone, sphere 'armilaar', fronton, putti, middle ressault, rocaille, blocked posts, dome-shaped roof, bullion (oculus), balustrade, railing, capital, David 't Kindt, Jules Van Den Hende
11middle ressault from Serlippens HotelSerlippens Hotel
Picture by Jan Boeykens (@Quernus)

Keywords:Gentleman's house, Rococo, bell-shaped gable, shellwork, middle ressault, bullion (oculus), wrought iron, Belgian limestone or bluestone, border, capital, pilaster, breastwork, parapet, bay, span, balcony, rocaille, blocked posts
BELGIUMGHENT5.1 / 19691752
12middle ressault from (Royal) Palace on the Meir - Former Susteren's house(Royal) Palace on the Meir - Former Susteren's house
Picture by Johan Mares (@Belgiumview)

Keywords:Palace, Rococo, facade, middle ressault, symmetry, symmetric, symmetrical, keystone, scutcheon, armorial bearings, coat of arms, stone, border, capital, Corinthian column, pilaster, gable, marble, chimneyhood, wainscotting, panelwork, paneling, dado, Ionic colons, stuccowork, Jan Peter Van Baurscheit de Jongere, van Susteren, Koning Leopold II, Koning Boudewijn I, Pierre Fontaine, Napoleon Bonaparte, Koning Albert I
13middle ressault from Head WaitHead Wait
Picture by Johan Mares (@Belgiumview)

Keywords:Rococo, middle ressault, fronton, cartouch, pilaster, Corinthian column, semi-circular (round) arch, David 't Kindt, Charles van Rysselberghe, Arrow
BELGIUMGHENT6.2 / 19761738
14middle ressault from Neoclassic gable rowNeoclassic gable row
Picture by Jan Boeykens (@Quernus)

Keywords:Neo-classicism, middle ressault, bosse, Ionic colons, balcony, portico, fronton, balustrade, railing, piano nobile, semi-circular (round) arch, dado, socle, Charles Leclerck-Restiaux
15middle ressault from Beernaerts' HouseBeernaerts' House
Arch. J..G. Semeij
Picture by Jan Boeykens (@Quernus)

Keywords:Gentleman's house, New Renaissance, middle ressault, fronton, calcareous sandstone, gable, shellwork, engaged column, inbedded column, volute, blocked posts, candelabrum, medaillon, facade, baluster, bust, Jacob Gustaaf Semeij, Laurent Delveaux
BELGIUMGHENT5.5 / 14891904
16middle ressault from Pooke Castle (in Poeke)Pooke Castle (in Poeke)
Picture by Jean-Pierre Pottelancie

Keywords:Castle, Baroque, middle ressault, turret, dormer, bay, span, pilaster, verticalising effect, slate, slatestone, broken roof, curb roof, Jan-Baptist Simoen
17middle ressault from Museum for Art - De Coninck's HotelMuseum for Art - De Coninck's Hotel
Picture by Jan Boeykens (@Quernus)

Keywords:Gentleman's house, Museum, Rococo, ledestone, balegemstone, Catherine wheel, wheelwindow, middle ressault, breastwork, parapet, cornice (corona), balcony, facade, furniture, segmental arch, wing, aisle, cast iron, David 't Kindt, Arrow
BELGIUMGHENT5.3 / 43751755
18middle ressault from Royal PalaceRoyal Palace
Picture by Johan Mares (@Belgiumview)

Keywords:Palace, Illuminated, New Renaissance, New Baroque, pillar, middle ressault, fronton, hip, dome-shaped roof, corner ressault, Thomas Vinçotte, Charles Van der Straeten, Henri Maquet, Tieleman-Franciscus Suys, Alphonse Balat
19middle ressault from Commercial HouseCommercial House
Arch. Gédéon Bordiau
Picture by Jan Boeykens (@Quernus)

Keywords:New Renaissance, New Baroque, caryatid, statue (as an ornament), middle ressault, balcony, pillar, bay, span, Gédéon Bordiau
20middle ressault from Freyr CastleFreyr Castle
Picture by Jan Boeykens (@Quernus)

Keywords:Castle, Maas Renaissance, Rococo, summer house, layer of bacon, brick, middle ressault, stone, cross-bar frame, bay, span
21middle ressault from Hotel Dacia falling into RuinsHotel Dacia falling into Ruins
Picture by Jan Boeykens (@Quernus)

Keywords:Sad, Horeca, Ruins, Art Nouveau, middle ressault, bay, span, lantern roof, lantern tower, metal
RomaniaSatu Mare6.4 / 41
22middle ressault from Building BankBuilding Bank
Picture by Jan Boeykens (@Quernus)

Keywords:Bank, bay, span, middle ressault, pilaster, dormer, balustrade, railing, symmetry, symmetric, symmetrical
RomaniaSatu Mare4.9 / 59
23middle ressault from City HallCity Hall
Picture by Jan Boeykens (@Quernus)

Keywords:Town hall, city hall, Renaissance, cross-bar frame, landing, landing stairs, statue (as an ornament), tabernacle, saddleback roof, gable, dormer, semi-circular (round) arch, volute, brick, middle ressault, obelisk, Grodebski
BELGIUMHALLE5.8 / 20991616
24middle ressault from Town hallTown hall
Arch. Jean-Gilles Jacobs
Picture by Johan Mares (@Belgiumview)

Keywords:Town hall, city hall, carillon, fronton, symmetry, symmetric, symmetrical, bell, clockwork, landing stairs, scutcheon, armorial bearings, coat of arms, lantern roof, lantern tower, middle ressault, facade, gilt, Jean-Gilles Jacobs
BELGIUMHUY5.6 / 17361766
25middle ressault from TownhallTownhall
Picture by Johan Mares (@Belgiumview)

Keywords:Town hall, city hall, middle ressault, fronton, hip, window with round arch
26middle ressault from Bath houseBath house
Arch. L..Suys
Picture by Johan Mares (@Belgiumview)

Keywords:Eclectism, New Baroque, Neo-classicism, middle ressault, fronton, inner court, pillar, lobby (entrance hall), ceiling, wing, aisle, cast iron, sculpture group, Leo Pieter Suys
BELGIUMSPA5.1 / 21921862
27middle ressault from In the Gold FlowerIn the Gold Flower
Picture by Jan Boeykens (@Quernus)

Keywords:fronton, stuccowork, middle ressault, balcony, pilaster, semi-circular (round) arch
BELGIUMGHENT5.3 / 1702~ 1747
28middle ressault from Dutch Royal TheatreDutch Royal Theatre
Picture by Jan Boeykens (@Quernus)

Keywords:Theatre, New Renaissance, Eclectism, portico, mosaic, semi-circular (round) arch, facade, tabernacle, gable, bay, span, pillar, volute, window with round arch, bosse, balcony, balustrade, railing, statue (as an ornament), caryatid, middle ressault, Edward De Vigne, André Bauwens
BELGIUMGHENT5.6 / 17451897
Keywords:Shop, fronton, Ionic capital, middle ressault, pilaster
30middle ressault from Former PostFormer Post
Arch. Louis Cloquet
Picture by Johan Mares (@Belgiumview)

Keywords:Market under roof, Post office, Flat, apartment, Eclectism, New Renaissance, Neo-gothic, pointed arch, statue (as an ornament), crocket, finial, scutcheon, armorial bearings, coat of arms, basket-handle arch, tower, facade, middle ressault, spire, bay, span, clockwork, Louis Cloquet
BELGIUMGHENT5.4 / 22151898